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INFECTED BODIES are 6,666 unique collectible NFT zombies that live on the Ethereum blockchain.
By owning one of our Infected Bodies, you will reap great rewards. Not only do you get our superior art, but you will also have many different advantages just being a member of our community.
Always remember we’re the family you choose.

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Our roadmap will convey and announce all updates and events for our token holders . Collectively our token holders will sense the quality of what we have created here and will be fortunate to be an exclusive member of IB.

The Specs

6,666 unique collectible NFT zombies live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721. Each IB is exclusive with a superior program created to generate and breed more than 100 possible traits.

NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the most widely supported format for digital collectibles. IB will be randomly generated with no special privileges for anyone. IB will be launched and minted at the same price for all.

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MINT an Infected Body

Road Map


To reward our most active users they will be gifted a rare Infected Bodies(IB).


We release 10 IB (tokens held back from the sale) to be airdropped to IB holders.


IB will have their very own Street Art displayed on walls as graffiti.


IB loves to give back! We will donate $10,000 dollars to charity. (To be voted on by our IB token holders).


IB will start the creative process of an IB comic book.


Member Exclusive IB Merch will be released. We will also gift IB Merch to some of our lucky token holders.


We are happy to announce that we will be donating 5,000 trees and the forest name will be Infected Bodies. We will have a meet-up and party with our holders in that forest.


Physical art will be portrayed and gifted to token holders at different events.


There will be an IB Exhibition and Live Auction.


Finally, we will share the story of Infected Bodies and announce a new road map that includes antidotes for Infected Bodies to transform into humans and Infected Pets!
Many surprises for our Token Holders!

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IB Vision

We hope this is the beginning of something special. We’re pointing towards leveling our artwork worldwidewhile anticipating the most kickass Digital Art Collections and Community.
Our team is working diligently to grow our project and community!

Our Mission

As we look forward to the future we’ll never walk alone, we´ll always interact with our community by listening and respecting their thoughts and ideas. We have full confidence in our team, project, art, and power of a loyal community.

The Team

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Infected Founder
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Infected Artist
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Infected Artist
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Infected Lead Developer
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Infected Website Designer